Saturday, January 28, 2012

On Ron Paul and the rest of these candidates.

It's people like Ron Paul that makes the Republican party look stupid.
Get rid of this idiot and while we are at it, stop the others from shooting down each other as well. I'm thinking that we need to draft someone entirely new altogether. This whole bunch have lost all of the credibility that they might have had.

Ron Paul and the rest of these candidates, have made our party a laughing stock..


  1. I agree. I hate the whole field. Although he's only moderately conservative, I'd take Chris Christie in a heartbeat. At least he tells it like it is and has actually governed.

  2. Couldn't agree more Jarhead. But... looking at the mess that has been created by decades of morons running the show... I wouldn't want to inherit that mess. It would be hard to find someone with a fully matured brain to run. I do think we need to fit most of Congress for orange jumpsuits, but I will settle for voting some of the criminal cartel out and making Obama, IF he get's re-elected, a lame duck with a prison term in his future.


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