Thursday, January 5, 2012

I totally support the marines who urinated on the Taliban vermin

 Send the 19 year old's to a hell hole in the desert to put their lives on the line and have their hands tired behind their backs by a president who don't know his ass from his elbow and couldn't care less about the people  he sends to hell.
These Young Men, yes YOUNG MEN some of them are even to your to vote, and who are trained for 6 months and then sent to the battle WITHOUT the use  the the best weapons in modern history, because we are afraid to OFFEND these RAG-HEADS!  


  1. Our President is such a supporter of Islam that he would willingly surrender our country to them.

  2. SR, I don't allow scum here, so kindly take a walk back to the Freeken country from whence you came, and get the hell off of my blog.
    This time I let you in only to show everyone what s piece of shit you are.
    Next time I won't be that generous.

  3. PS there are a lot of things that Real Conservatives would do, if we didn't have that pinko President that the pussy progressives put in office.

  4. Aquarians...
    I find the name you chose to demonstrate you lack of command of the English language, a lack of proper manners and decorum, and intentionally chosen for shock value to get attention.

  5. Aquarians...
    In other words, you are a narcissist. It's all about you. Then you put on affectation of super intellect. Typical liberal.

  6. Great post brother. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. SR,perhaps your reading comprehension has failed you, I told you that your posts are going to be deleted from here, no matter what. But you have continued to post your garbage here regardless, pitty, but your wasting your time.
    Bye bye..


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