Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hillary Clinton FAINTS and suffers concussion just she is to testimonty to congress

Hillary Clinton FAINTS
and suffers a bull-shit concussion just days after insisting she´s
not too old to run for
President in 2016  But we have seen her lies, scandal and cover-up for years and years and nobody gives a crap.. Shes a  disgrace, a phoney unethical embarrassment to our nation  as is her boss Obammy and her lying husband Bill. I can't see how anyone can  believe anything she says.  She isn´t or wasn't in the hospital. Shes at home. So why don't they just postpone the hearings for a week and MAKE her testify then instead of sending her subordinates there to LYE for her!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

NO! The Republican Party Is Not Down And Out!

 All I read about in the blogs these days is about the death of the Republican- conservative party .  Well I believe that these stories are no only greatly exaggerated but just plain stupid and dirty propaganda spread by the Liberals. Who are using their same old dirty tricks to destroy the support for the conservative party.   . For about two years now, certain well known bloggers have been declaring the demise of the Republican Party.
By all means we should learn from experience, yes we have a lot to learn and the first thing we need to learn is that the opposition party, the Liberals will stop at nothing to win. So what can we do about that?
I suggest that we fight Fire with Fire, and give them a firm dose of their own medicine.  We saw how these cheats and liars acted at the debates and on their campaign adds.  Lets start by learning from that!