Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So Mitt Romney took Florida.

And he did it with a windstorm. He won by 48 percent with
Gingrich a far second by 31 percent.

And he was able to do this with Ron Paul on the ballot , wow, these wonders always amaze me!  

What a freaking sore loser, the Ron Paul supporters are
And now, like all sore losers, they're trying to blame everything on Ron Paul's stupidity and ineptness. 

Lets hope that now they can stop all this infighting and set  their sights on Obama?


  1. Ah. well a-day. what evil looks
    Had she from old and young
    Instead of the cross, the Albatross
    About her neck was hung.

  2. The Ron Paul supporters will go to the Libertarian party or back to the democrats, and the Romney-haters will write in Sarah Palin...

  3. Hello Jarhead! Nice blog.

    I personally am put out with the "hold your nose" selection this RNC has produced... again. And if they Libertarian Party would come up with a Real Libertarian candidate (Ron Paul is not a real Libertarian) I would probably support them. But when it comes down to the election... I will probably flip the NOT MaObama trigger.


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