Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Marines Piss on Taliban Dead

The outrage expressed by Secretary of Defense Panetta, Secretary of State Clinton, and other official spokesmen is PATHETIC.  These are the same US Marines, whose  risk their lives and limb to recover their own fallen comrades-in-arms. Who will never leave a fallen fellow Marine
Thank God they didn't cut off their heads, or hang their burnt bodied from a bridge!
You can’t take an 18 year old who just got out of high school, send him out onto the battlefield, give him a gun and then expect him to be a paragon of nobility, and virtue.


  1. And, you can't expect us (as in, MARINES!) to afford these scumbags the rights of the Geneva Convention or engage them in accepted, and expected, rules of war. They wear no recognized uniform of any recognized nation, country -- or tribe, for that matter. Therefore, the Geneva Convention and rules of war DO NOT apply.

    They blend in and hide behind women and children to do their killings and then you bleeding hearts expect us to "play nice?!" Not even HARDLY!

    Lessons I learned in Viet Nam: To defeat the enemy, you had to live like one, eat like one, think like one and fight like one. I carried those lessons over to 12 years in law enforcement. That's why I'm alive today.

    You get upset because we pissed on a pile of garbage?

    YOU go out and carry a weapon -- and use it. YOU go out and live in every kind of weather known to man without food, water and sleep. YOU go out and watch the guy next to you get the back of his head blown off -- the guy that's become closer, and means more to you, than your own mother. YOU go out and do battle against a bunch of gutless wonders that can be standing right next to you on any given day and you'll never even know it. YOU do all these things, then YOU come back and tell ME that I can't take a leak (or a dump, for that matter) on something that's got as much use on God's green earth as a mound of buzzard puke.

    Like I said on my site (Thursday, January 12, 2012, Outcry Grows Over Alleged Marine Video,) "Piss on Obama, John McCain, Panetta, the Pentagon and all the rest of the bleeding hearts out there."


  2. And the bedwetting liberals are making this out to be the next Mai Lai...


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