Friday, January 13, 2012

Republican Infighting

 Are the Republican Helping Obama?
There's a song called SEND IN THE CLOWNS that reminds me of the debates that I've seen  for the past 2-3 months.
I personalty think that they are handing Obama the election without his saying a word. I really that think Newt and others should leave Romney alone. Let him rise or fall on his own merits and not the result of attacks from within his own party.  And the same goes for Romney's Stupid, vindictive actions.   These are  people I had respected very highly until lately and these things  are going to come back and bite them in the ass and open the door widely  for Obama to waltz right in for another4 more years.
I want these candidates to focus on why I should vote for THEM and how they will oppose and beat Obama, I don't want to see them destroying each other and tearing each other apart. And how the hell has  Ron Paul got this far? What's wrong with this picture?  Why don't we just hand the election over to the Commie-in-chief and spare us all the gorey details, and save us a lot of money. 
Is this the very best we have? Unfortunately these republican debates make me  amused at how stupid  people can actually  be.
Maybe we SHOULD bring in Sarah Palin!


  1. Jarhead - The reason that the other Republican candidates are attacking Mitt Romney - and each other - is that no candidate has yet to be officially named as the one Republican candidate for President.

    I wish that it could be done now - so that we could stop obsessing with all of the candidates and get down to having Mitt Romney and Barack Obama duke it out.

    And then - all the other Republican candidates can and surely will back Mitt Romney - and all the other people who want Obama to win can back him and:

    Let The Fun :[ Begin.

    and what it will come down to is which party is smart enough to not listen to the candidates but rather get out and get the people on their side to Vote.

    it's all about the Vote

  2. Sue, your a good egg, but you've been out in the sun too long.


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