Friday, May 25, 2012

Who are the Veterans?

"Veterans are Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Lovers. They are the elderly people who can barely stand but refuse to sit when old glory passes by. They are the people who sit quietly thinking of a plan when everyone else is panicking; the ones who stand up for somebody’s rights even though they may disagree with them. They are the ones who celebrate Memorial Day and Veterans Day everyday of the year. They are the people who keep going when everybody else gives up. They know the meaning of “The Ultimate Sacrifice” and are willing to make it without a second thought. They do not ask for praise or glory, only that you Honor those who have given their all."

  Author Unknown


  1. Well said whoever said it.

  2. Well said, and I added it to my post, crediting you Sir.

  3. Great sentiment and reminder.

  4. They're also the ones whose young wives slept near their coffins as it lay in state in their church. That's one picture I cannot look at. I should; it's the least I can do. I owe it to them both.
    God bless our veterans.


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