Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Suck it up and remember This is not a "Sit-It-Out-And-Pout" election. This is a "Get-Obama-Out" election

The Progressives/Liberals are doing everything they can to divide us conservatives. Why are you helping them?

Any of you republicans or conservatives  who wants to stays home on election day like they did during the election of 2008 because of the bull-shit they can't in good conscious vote for Romney, or they'll vote  for a third party candidate like that joker Ron Paul, is in fact VOTING FOR that JOKER BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Just  remember the last time you did that!  Romney wouldn't be my first choice but I'll be more than happy to vote for him if it means getting RID of this Cancer we have in the White House now.  
Imagine a America without a BO administration!  So suck it up and remember this: This is not a "Sit-It-Out-And-Pout" election. This is a "Get-Obama-Out" election
Get over yourselves and vote this CLOWN out of office.


  1. I'll vote for a dead rat if necessary.

  2. Amen! I'm linking to you in my favorites. Keep up the great work.

  3. I put your "Anybody But Obama" in my sidebar. Sums up how I feel -- and how I will vote!

  4. Amen brother!

    Gotta keep our eye on the ball. Voting Obama and his fellow rats in the Senate out is job 1!

  5. A refusal to vote or a vote for a third party is nothing but a vote for Obama. Put aside bigotry towards the unholy LDS and consider that you are voting against Obamanation/Obamanazi

  6. Aq, the little second amendment pussy boy is acting butch. How cute.

    1. If anybody's "butch" here, it'd have to be you, dickhead. Except I don't think you could even act "butch," you worthless wad of what ran down your momma's leg. You're the perfect example of cases where they should've kept the afterbirth and thrown the rest in the shitter. Go play your violin, drink your $4 a gallon wine and suck on your artist brush somewhere else, while the rest of us try to figure out a way to take America back -- you cumwad piece of shit.

  7. Marine4ever found a new and very good name for Schmuchy.

    I must admit "Dickhead" fits perfectly..

  8. Ah, a couple more fine citizens who can't stand it that a nigra is commander in chief.

  9. Ducky,
    Again showing your complete ignorance. No one cares about Obama's skin color. We don't like his worldview, politics, ideology, etc. he is a rank socialist liberal like you.

    1. Thank you, Glenn, for cleaning up what I was going to say.

  10. Barack Hussein Obama Is PATHETIC ENDORSEMENTS Wow. how UN-Impressive.
    Al Franken
    Chuck Schumer
    Barbara Boxer
    Maxine Waters
    Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson, Jr.
    Al Sharpton
    Nancy Pelosi
    Harry Reid
    Rahm Emanuel
    Former Mayor of NY David Dinkins
    Sean Penn
    Morgan Freeman
    Danny DeVito
    Whoopi Goldberg
    Samuel L. Jackson
    Spike Lee
    Louis Farrakhan
    Star Jones
    Bill Maher
    Oprah Winfrey, remember it was Oprah who gave us this moron.
    With a list like this, how can he go wrong.

    1. If I had a list of "friends" like that, that alone would get my ass snatched up by the stacking swivel and thrown in the brig.

  11. Jarhead,
    There is a discussion about sitting out this election going on at my web site, in the comments section. You might be interested in taking a look.

  12. Saw it, thanks, and it was a very good one by the wat.

  13. God bless you. Thanks for this post! Obummer is toast. Glad I found this blog.

    1. Went to your site and re-read the Declaration of Independence -- sorta sounds like our Founding Fathers were talking to Obimbo, huh?!

  14. "Jarhead" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors to here.

  15. Thanks for the post and thanks for your service.


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