Thursday, May 17, 2012

What is a Liberal?

Here are a few examples they (the Libaturds) often use to support their argument:

Liberals want to keep the borders open and allow illegal immigrants to come in and deplete our resources while letting drug dealers, criminals, and potential terrorists enter freely to run a muck all over our laws and our Constitution. .
They refuse to let us drill for more oil within the US on a pretense of protecting the environment and they don’t give a crap about our countries own many natural resources, and let us continue to depend on foreign oil while at the same time gas prices keep rising, driving up prices of other goods.

This one is a biggie liberals want more government control on our lives which is just the opposite of promoting individual freedom. They are more interested in the rights of ILLEGAL’S then our own rights.
So the question is, are these people really stupid and crazy (the blind followers may be) or do they actually have a bigger agenda? And we all know that the answer to that is YES!


  1. There is no group so mis-named as today's "liberals." Our founding fathers were classical liberals, believing in liberty and freedom to conduct your own affairs so long as you allowed others to do the same. Todays "liberals" are the opposite. They are doctrinaire statists, hell-bent on dictating to the rest of us.

    1. Yes sir, I tell liberals that true conservatives are far left socially. Life, Liberty, Pursuit of happiness doesn't talk about gay marriage, religion, or any other specifics. Live. Obey the law and respect other's ability to do the same.

      Do what you want as long as it's legal, and even illegal in some cases, and as long as we don't have to pay for it.

  2. In honesty, I think ther are 3 kinds of liberals, All dangerous.

    Young, and a combination of not informed and misinformed and not enough experience to have a clue.

    Older but mental development stunted. They act like kids who live in and are addicted to a fantasy life where everyone can get along and have a good life regardless of any other facts. It's why you can't talk to these people. Any attempted reality injection threatens their fantasy life and they will defend that to the exclusion of ALL else. That can't speak rationally because they can't even think rationally.

    Then you got your hard core commies working the agenda, using the first two groups.

    Then you got your other 3 kinds of people. Language, but Man I love this movie.

  3. Don't forget, liberals are also concerned with the rights of terrorists, which is why Obama was supposed to close down Gitmo.


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