Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Yes Siree Racism Is Alive and Well in the Black Community

Let me help you out here. First Obama continues to drone on and on when he put his two cents into a local police arrest of  a Black Harvard professor named Henry Louis Gates who was arrested at his Cambridge, Massachusetts home by a local police officer responding to a 9-11 call, and was doing his job but said that the police “acted stupidly!
It was astounding that Obama was so sure of who was wronged. Without Obama even getting the facts yet. From the facts, as I understand, them, the police asked the gentleman for his Identification, and when he refused to oblige, he was arrested and he was arrested for disorderly conduct only ..  And then he (Obama) went ballistic about the Trayvon Martin case saying that his “son would have looked like him” another local matter. And then he drones on about the despicable Shirley Sherrod  the African-American Agriculture Department official who was biased against white people.  And Obama backed her up without even studying the facts . I supposed he had a point buried somewhere in all that droning, but I didn’t catch it.
Yes siree racism is alive and well in America's black community and Donna Brazile IS a racist and always has been a racist . It's people like her; Jackson; Sharpton, and the President's Mentor Rev. Wright, and Sheila Jackson Lee, etc. who constantly preach to black America to never trust white people but to always trust the DEMOCRATS in government. What a crock of crap. If black America would follow the  many black Americans who through education have achieved a greater standard of living in America, they would be so much better off. As I said above Black Americans have steadfastly followed the wrong role models.  The Black Panthers are not a group to be looked upon as "Roll Models", and the Reverend Wright shouldn't be anyone's mentor. Rappers who beat up women, and who carry guns, and who over dose on drugs, or who use drugs at all should not hailed as a hero.
The Democrat Party has used and abused blacks for many, many years and will continue to do so for many more. And yet, 95% of African Americans will ben voting for Obama. And how about Obama’s wanting blacks to vote for him, just because he’s black. What if that were some White candidate were to say that about their being White?   Isn’t Obama's request blatant racist?  You can bet you’re ass it is. Where is the hypocritical main stream media on that one?
What has Obama and the democratic party ever done for blacks? The answer is nothing except to keep them in poverty!  The party that has done the most for African-Americans or Blacks, or which ever you prefer to call them these days is the Republicans.  It was George Bush who put the most blacks into the highest government positions. And what did he get for that?  They were called the most disgusting names by their fellow blacks ever.  Like CallingCondi Rice Aunt Jemima and Colin Powell Uncle Tom.  And the first one to do that was Harry Belefonte, another racist pig, and some Liberal radio talk show who’s name escapes me.  Why were they called that? Just because they were Republican, thats why.  Bush had two African Americans in arguably the two most powerful positions in his cabinet, and that was bad? This would never had  happened if they were  Democrats..
Just about everything is a "racist" code word with Obama supporters because for them just about everything about Obama's reelection campaign is about race.

And According to Mochelle Obama, her husband isn't polling well among African-Americans, but “Black America will wake up”
Isn’t is sad for Barack’s wife to have to play the race card to get Blacks to vote for him. The problem with Michelle is that her racism is showing.
And as for Chris Matthews, Obama’s biggest flag waver,  Chris Matthews is about a minute away from being committed to a mental hospital where he belongs. .


  1. I think they should change the name of the Democrat Party to Bag of Shit.

  2. Mustang.. ;-)

    obama and holder have set race relations back 50 years.


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