Thursday, November 24, 2011

Let's look that the facts for a moment and Call a Spade a Spade!

After SLUMMING thru a couple of Liberal blogs in the blogisphere this morning, I came across a blog where one of the posters denied vehemently that Barack Obama was a Socialist. In fact like they all do, this one made fun out of the Republicans comment that stated he was indeed a Socialist.
So let's look that the facts for a moment and Call a Spade a Spade! The election of Barack Obama to the White House was the greatest disaster for the United States of America in its entire history. Let's not let Obama turn American into a Socialist state.
Americans once made that mistake before when we voted the most immoral Socialist Bill Clinton into office, and got two Socialist’s for the price of one Bubba and his leftist wife Hillary who really wore the pants and wielded the power.  And look at where she is now, one step away from being the nest Socialist President of America.  I’m telling you people we can not afford another one.
Communism-Socialism-Marxism-Fascism-Nazism are all destination points on the left of the continuum. They all promote the 'central planning' and 'social engineering' power of the State pilot bureau. They are based in State control of all aspects of society including education, economics, health, trade, etc. They only differ slightly be how much control and how fast they intend to implement that control. Barack Hussein Obama is a Socialist. He believes in the power & principle of a small, mostly appointed, group of central government officials using their power to create a society that represents their ideological conceptual view. Regardless of the name you call it, the intention is to use the force of government to control certain segments of the population applying penalties to some and rewards to others in effort to design a preferred social structure.

Obama's mentors are Chomsky, Ayeres, Alinsky, Reverend Wright, Farrakhan, and the rest of that ludicrous bunch These people all despise America, capitalism, the republic as a form of governance, and in some cases the 'white race'. Unfortunately American History has not been taught in the schools since the 1960's but if it were, you would understand that an international socialist/communist consortium has sought to destroy the West since 1917. Initially it was thought that the 'thrill' of revolution could be transplanted to the US after WWI. The countries quacks are more interested in forgetting the horrors of war, the Holocaust,  the Great Depression, and  Communism. Starting to see the pattern here? Education, Media, Law, Politics, Judiciary as means to restructure a society. They have not controlled the last three, yet. But Obama will help them get there too. Why is it that our most liberal voices come from universities, the teachers unions and Hollywood? And this movement is international in scope and belong conventual borders. Just look a George Soros. A 'citizen of the world' focused almost exclusively on destroying the currency of Western Democracies. Why would he want to do that? Because he openly hates the capitalist model that brought him his great wealth and has vowed to destroy it. BTW - he is the main money man behind Obama. Doesn’t anyone ask- where did Obama’s money come from?
Some people are more interested in childish name-calling than actually taking a fair and thoughtful look at the present political climate, like the College campuses that were full of mindless liberals who enjoy calling George Bush a "Nazi" and by the way still do.
Obama is socialist make NO mistake about it, and he is stealing from the successful business owners who are keeping this country going. And giving our hard earned money to the lazy bum on the corner. This is only going to dig the economy into a deeper hole. Yes, Obama makes great speeches and he promises the world to everyone, but so did Adolf Hitler. In my opinion Barrack Obama is an Enemy of the US Constitution.
But it’s only going to happen over MY Dead Body... Wake Up America! America IS NOT ready for Socialism


  1. Just found your blog and want to thank you for speading the truth. That is the funniest stuff I have read in a long long time. As long as ther repuglipigs believe crap like this the progessives will rule forever.

  2. amen amen..thanks so much for the vis to WHT!..plz don't be a stranger~!HAPPY THANKSGIVING my friend~!:-)

  3. I just found your blog. Excellent Posts

  4. Thank you guys for your intelligent comments.


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