Friday, November 11, 2011

The Forgotten Street

What Herman Cain showed in his press conference was a command presence and true leadership in rebutting the disgusting smears launched against him.  No teleprompter for him.

Racism is alive and well in America, as evidenced by the fact that cretins in both major political parties are threatened by a strong, confident black man who thinks for himself.

Media outlets like Politico, populated by Prog-Lib-Commies, and unctuous politicians like Jon Huntsman have shown their true colors in this disgraceful episode in American politics.

Anyone who underestimates the strength and character of Herman Cain is a damn fool.  This is a man who has confronted and defeated stage 4 cancer for God’s sake.  He is not going to be intimidated by bimbo eruptions motivated by sick political partisans.

Herman Cain has a message that America desperately needs to hear:  You can make it by the strength of your character and the determination of your will, regardless of your color and economic background.

That is exactly the message the D.C. political elite do not want the masses to hear.  They want you to believe that you have to rely on the Ivy League experts to tell you what to do.  Well, we can see the ungodly mess that has gotten us into.

Ignore the sideshow and circus that the Elite Traitor Media is trying to foist on you with the help of media whore Gloria Allred, the most aptly named person on the planet.

I stand with Herman Cain and against the onslaught of pathetic elites who are threatened by anyone who wants to open the process to the voice of the people.

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