Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Obama's weakness emboldens Putin? No it Don't!

 Refusing to start a nuclear war with Russia is not the sign of weakness. No matter how much to try to pressure Obam into looking Macho with Putin.  Macho bravado won't work, not with Russia.
No one is saying that bombs and bullets is the only way to look strong. You are the only one who seems stuck on that.
I personally feel that our best policy for this situation was to look strong by doing next to nothing.

Look at it this way and try to pay attention....

Russia invaded Ukraine. Ukraine did nothing to deserve it. It was 100% Russians decision to start the action.

So exactly what kind of negotiating is Kerry going to do? Offer something for them to pull out? Why? We, or ANYONE should give Russia something in return for pulling out?

To me, sending in Kerry gave the action credence....think about it. WE had to go to THEM to ask them what WE can do for THEM to stop being bad people.

Best action...

One speech from the President or The Secretary of State....

"They are to pull out their troops immediately and once they do, we will gladly sit down with all parties involved to try to come up with a way to assist Russia in helping the Ukraine re-establish a working government. In the meantime, we will begin looking at possible sanction that will be employed until the Russians retreat."

That is strength.

 Have a great day.

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