Sunday, August 25, 2013

Obama Supporters at the Martin Luther King March Desecrate the American Flag

As thousands of Blacks, Progressive Air-Heads, and Bleeding Heart Liberals marched  at the National Mall yesterday, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's famous speech, including Eric Holder, America’s  first black Attorney General among other Black so called leaders, Eric Holder said he would not be in office, nor would Barack Obama be president if not for Martin Luther King.  And he may be correct.  Demonstrators, and other marchers including some Dimwit who displayed the American flag with the picture of President Barack Obama in place of the Stars in the flag which is a Desecrate of the American Flag!
 Organizers have planned for about 100,000 people to participate in the event, which is  the 50th anniversary of the Aug. 28, 1963, famous King Speech.  The march. was of course led by the Rev. Al Sharpton and King's son Martin Luther King III.
All I can say is that If somebody held up the Confederate flag, there would have been all Hell breaking loose.

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  1. the Confederate flag is part of our history, the Obama flag is just disgusting


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