Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hillary Clinton FAINTS and suffers concussion just she is to testimonty to congress

Hillary Clinton FAINTS
and suffers a bull-shit concussion just days after insisting she´s
not too old to run for
President in 2016  But we have seen her lies, scandal and cover-up for years and years and nobody gives a crap.. Shes a  disgrace, a phoney unethical embarrassment to our nation  as is her boss Obammy and her lying husband Bill. I can't see how anyone can  believe anything she says.  She isn´t or wasn't in the hospital. Shes at home. So why don't they just postpone the hearings for a week and MAKE her testify then instead of sending her subordinates there to LYE for her!


  1. agree 1000 %. If she testifies, there is NO WAY she wouldn't perjure herself. Which SHOULD make the bitch ineligible for public office from that point forward.

    Jarhead, Unfortunately, the repubs will cave, let her slide and I have no doubt the libtards will have no problem electing this piece of shit in 2016. SOMEBODY Save us.... That is just unacceptable, much worse than having the current POS in the White House. Good Lord, have mercy.

    1. True, Kid... there's NO WAY she wouldn't perjure herself and it SHOULD make Hildegarde The Viking ineligible for public office from that point forward. The problem word here is 'SHOULD.' There are so many people that SHOULD be in prison and so much that SHOULD have happened to the Obimbo Mafia Administration, that the word has no meaning anymore. (With deepest apologies to the Mafia for using your name in vain.)

    2. But, what difference does it make? Everything I've been hearing from the Loony Left is that the Dear Leader has it wrapped up for a THIRD term. May God have mercy on our souls.

    3. Marine, 3rd term and why not. We are in a Banana Republic being run by a Dictator party. The repubs are laughable and useless.
      Plus why wouldn't they wink to themselves (libs) and vote michele in. Same diff.

      And yes, that's why I capitalize Should. I've said WTF so many times over the last 4 years...

  2. This lying old hag, poor excuse for a women,has been refusing to face the music for her screw ups ever since her entered public life.. She can´t deny there were request sent straight to her office asking for more security,time and time again.She doesn´t want to answer why the military was told to stand down while people were murdered and dragged through the street. She and her lying sack of crap husband should be thrown out of American politics for the rest of their lives, the country would be a lot better off without either of them. And she wants to be President? I don't think so. We have more than enough crap in the white house right now!

    1. "She and her lying sack of crap husband should be thrown out of American politics for the rest of their lives."

      How about throwing them outta the United States of America?! Make that the 'United Socialist States of Amerika' -- until we can gain our country back. I can think of a whole nest of other ones that could have a one-way ticket outta here, too... Communist John (Kerry) being at the top of the list.

  3. Marine4ever

    "She and her lying sack of crap husband should be thrown out of American politics for the rest of their lives"

    You got that right!


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