Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Liberal Mantra

 It gets a bit frustrating talking to liberals when they say the same things all the time..

Bush did it.


Words taken out of context.

Blame Conservatives

Depends on what the meaning of 'that' is?



  1. You forgot 'err...corporations, inherited wealth..." HOW DARE YOU question someone's good intentions - which are more than enough in any controversy. Now drop on your face & give me 20 'mountain climbers.' 1-2-3-4 -- repeat.

  2. it's even more upsetting when the media uses those expression!
    WHatever Obama's done WRONG< and it's PLENTY, he's had a cunning, evil bunch out there for him using all kinds of things to deflect from HIS BLAME!

  3. He sure is Z,

    Russell, trust me I didn't forget anything.

  4. I saw this somewhere and really liked it:
    "Please, Please, PLEASE DO NOT re-elect these assholes in November..., DO NOT re-elect these assholes in November..."

  5. It's going to get a lot worse Jarhead and more frustrating.

    They pre-accuse the repubs and tea party of what they are -racist for example, hitler, etc - and what they intend to do or are already doing - everything else.

    They lie so blatently it can make your head spin. 'Unemployment was worse under Bush" - debbie waserman, "obama has been to Israel over and over" - nana pelosi in the last few days.

    Makes you want to twist their little heads off.

    The bigger problem is their mindless libtard supporters who actually believe it all because they're too lazy to check it out and too stupid or propagandized to have a nuance of critical thought occur in their brains.


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