Sunday, April 22, 2012

Is Eating Dog kind of "Wagging the Dogs Tail" to get off the Secret Service scandal?

I guess that Mitt can't make fun of Obama. But we sure can.

We can start by saying that our Dear Leader  identifies with the world's dog EATERS not with American dog LOVERS!

And by the way, I heard that Obama just got an endorsement from Michael Vick!  (Drum Roll)

And lets not forget that when Obamboozler goes to Arab Nations he bows!

And I think that this is going to be a "Ruff" year for Obama


  1. Just recently a dog was disqualified from a dog race. The owner was caught cheating by putting ketchup on the dogs tail. It made the dog run faster out of fear.

  2. I note that the Obamas are trotting Bo out now with frequency. It's all about trying to win in November.

    1. That's just to prove that Bo is still around!

  3. You got that right, thats what it's all about AOW.


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