Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who do I want as the Republican nominee.?

At this point I prefer Newt Gingrich  But you can bet your life that I will support anyone but Obama. Whoever ends up with the GOP nomination will get my vote. I would prefer a strong conservative like  or Sarah Palin, but don't believe that I will get that chance. Given that, and recognizing that I must support someone, Newt is my choice.
Out biggest problem today is that everyone in the running wants to talk about negatives about the other Republican candidates instead of attacking Barack Obama.

Remember there are many good people that get divorced for many reasons. The circumstances are not always pretty. So what? It is not a criteria for the presidency. Holier-than-thou people also have their own skeletons. We have bigger fish to fry then bashing  each-other.


  1. Hi, Jarhead and thanks for coming by geeeeZ.
    As a friend recently said "I'd vote for a ham sandwich over Obama" and so would I!
    And yes, the Republicans aren't attacking Obama; did you hear the GOP's told them not to do that because he's so well liked and that won't fly with the public? DON'T THEY LOOK AT POLLS?
    It's disgusting...we're going to lose it for ourselves by not standing up tall and telling the truth about so many situations and allowing ourselves to be cowed into liberal submission...maddening.

  2. It makes me want to scream go after Obama not Newt.

  3. Newt is a liberal. Just sayin. Does he promise to attack the liberal departments that eat at our country like a cancer? Nope.

    So, after Newt's hypothetical term in office, the dems get control again and pick right back up where they left off.

    Posted as food for thought and not an attack on Newt. I'd put romney, perry, and all of them outside of possibly Ron Paul and Michele in this same boat of professional politician.

    Good luck to us. We don't have time for the standard issue politicians anymore.


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